Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

The last thing any homeowner wants is a sneaky water leak causing untold damage to their house. The goal of a thermal imaging home inspection is to catch these problem leaks before they cause too much damage. To achieve this, a special infrared camera is used during the inspection that allows us to see temperature signatures, in particular that of the evaporation that occurs when water leaks. A certified inspector will use a thermal imaging camera, called a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), to conduct the thermal imaging home inspection.

Why Thermal Imaging Is a Necessity for Buyers

  • 55% of the anomalies we find could not be seen without the thermal camera
  • Finding a leak before you can see it with the human eye makes it easier and less expensive to fix
  • You need this relevant data about the home to make the right buying decision 
  • Thermal imaging can give more details about hard-to-reach stains that appear dry at inspection, whether it's good news or good-to-know news
  • A correcting market makes a buyer's investment even more important than it was last year.
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