How Accurate is your Inspector?

Home-Probe's Process Improvement Strategy

There's an elephant in the room when it comes to the home inspection:

What if the inspector misses something?

The way most companies address this is on the back end - offering home buyers a warranty that sounds really big and protective ... until they call about it. Then they get run around, pay deductibles or service fees, and hear denials with words like "pre-existing condition."

At Home-Probe, we choose to start by preventing a need for the warranty in the first place. We’re always asking ourselves, “how can we make someone's life better?”

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How to read our Excellence Report



Number of reports this year the inspector did not accurately report according to our standards.
We made this right with our client.


100 Day Guarantees

Number of reports where something worked at the inspection and stopped working in the first 100 days after the inspection. We paid up to $1,000 for the repair of the item.


No faults Found - Out of Scope

Number of times a client called about a condition that is not part of the home inspection scope.


No Faults Found - On Report

Number of times the condition the client called about was in the report with a recommendation from us for repair or to budget for replacement.

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