Sewer Scope Inspection

Problems with sewer lines can develop during construction or installation or over time as the pipes break down, fill with debris or become disrupted by tree roots. A sewer line failure can be costly and stressful involving both an extensive clean up and repair. Homeowners are typically responsible for the sewer lines from the home to where they attach to the street, where the lines become publicly-owned.

Because these sewer lines are not visible during a home inspection without the use of specialized equipment, a sewer scope is an option many homebuyers and homeowners choose to invest in.

A sewer scope inspection is when a snake-like cable with an attached video camera is used to examine a home’s sewer line. A sewer scope inspection can reveal damage to the pipes, blockages and other problems.

Oftentimes a sewer scope inspection can reveal potential hazards before they develop into an expensive emergency. Upon completion of the inspection, clients will receive a report detailing the findings of the inspection and recommendations on how to proceed.

Sewer scopes are recommended during the inspection include those with cast iron waste lines, homes older than 20 years, homes with trees between the home and the sewer line, and rehabs or new construction.