Indoor Air Quality / Mold Testing 

The term "mold" is charged when it comes to buying a home, particularly when it wasn't discovered before purchase. Depending on risk tolerance and methodology, the remediation recommendations can be costly.

Because it can form in less than 24 hours or be hidden behind finished surfaces, mold is not part of the scope of a typical home inspection. Understanding more about mold in objective terms can help buyers make an informed rather than an emotional decision on whether to invest the time and funds for a test.

Mold is a natural and necessary part of the environment, and many people have encountered it in a living space of theirs at one time or another. Mold doesn’t mean your house is dirty or unkempt – it means there is a source of moisture that is feeding it.

Some people are completely unaffected by mold in their home. And others with susceptibility to mold may experience health issues as a result. Proper indoor air quality testing can help a buyer determine whether to seek quotes for remediation.

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Man kneeling down inspecting water damage with possible mold growth on a white wall.