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Virtual Home Inspection: New Construction Home

Join us for the virtual inspection of a new construction home! Our inspectors will walk through the home and the report to show you what they look for and how to deal with certain challenges that may arise.

3 Myths About New Construction Home Inspections Every Realtor Should Know

New construction homes may look completely move-in ready, but looks can be deceiving. How can realtors help homebuyers know exactly what they are getting with new construction? Our webinar will help you understand what pitfalls to avoid when looking at a brand new property.

What Is a Pre-Drywall Inspection: Inside Info for Realtors

How much time do city/county inspectors really spend on a new property? What does the builder's warranty really cover? How can you, as a realtor, help your buyer know exactly what they are getting when purchasing a new home.

Virtual Home Inspection: 60s Ranch in Georgia

Join us for the virtual inspection of a 60s ranch! Our inspectors will walk through the home and the report to show you what they look for and how to deal with certain challenges that may arise.

What Is a Sewer Scope Inspection

Everyone loves talking about the sewers! (Said no one ever.) Sewers are definitely an overlooked potential area of concern. Our webinar covers 4 things every realtor should know about sewer scope inspections.

Mold Found During Home Inspection

What happens if mold is found during a home inspection? How can you as a realtor advise your client and what can your home inspector do to help? Get the answers in our 30 minute webinar.

Thermal Imaging and Home Inspection: Expert Advice From Inspectors to Realtors

Leveraging a thermal imaging home inspection empowers homebuyers and real estate agents to extend their knowledge on a home’s status beyond what the human eye can see.

Radon Testing: What Real Estate Agents Need to Know

Radon is a gas you can't see, smell or taste, but it can be very dangerous. Because of this, radon testing is a standard part of our home inspection process. Learn how to manage radon in the real estate transaction.

Drone Roof Inspection Walk Through

Join one of our inspectors as he walks though a typical roof inspection using a drone.

Appraisals, Mortgages, and Home Inspections: Tips For Realtors From Mortgage Bankers

Do you need a home inspection to get a mortgage? Who orders appraisals and how do they vary based on types of loans? We get asked a lot of questions from homebuyers and real estate agents alike on how the home inspection affects lending. Mortgage rockstars Jeff Goddard and Jasmine Krnjetin of Waterstone Mortgage will answer these questions and more in this Ask the Expert Webinar.

Luxury Home Inspections

Learn what it takes to inspect a luxury home. Our expert inspector will describe the ins and outs of inspecting a luxury home.

Tips for Pool Ownership and Inspections for Realtors and Home Owners

Thinking about taking the plunge into pool ownership? Is your homebuyer is considering purchasing a property with a pool? Daniel Collins, Vice President at Sweetwater Pools, joined this Home-Probe Academy webinar to explain the ins and outs of pool inspections (and to give some tips on responsible pool ownership).