Georgia CE: The Making of Modern Atlanta - History of West Beltline Neighborhoods

January 13 @ 10:00AM ET - 1:00PM ET

The Atlanta Beltline is the largest revitalization project in the history of Atlanta, and among the largest of other urban areas. Knowing more historical context, agents will be able to better help buyers flocking to the Atlanta Beltline make better decisions about the neighborhood they choose and sellers maximize their potential. Agents will be able to share insights into the history of their development, noteworthy architecture, and significant events that occurred there. This enhanced local expertise ensures agents help buyers identify and connect with properties in a more meaningful way and improves their satisfaction and pride in property ownership. Neighborhoods include Westview, West End, Ashview Heights, Bankhead, Hunter Hills, Mozley Park, Washington Park, Grove Park, Howell Station, Rockdale, Loring Heughts, Blandtown, and Atlantic Station.